Recent and Forecast Water Level Data

A voice announcement of the present water level is available by telephone at a number of gauging stations in the network.

A listing of Hourly Water Level Heights as well as a graphical representation of water levels for the past and current month at each CHS gauging station are available.

Arctic Hourly Water Levels Current and previous month's data and profile graphs for the gauging stations in the Arctic and Hudson Bay.

The Water Levels Forecast contains a table showing the water levels forecast for the next six months – updated monthly.

Recent Averages is a table containing Great Lakes average monthly water levels for the previous year and current year to date – updated monthly.

Other Bulletins

Weekly water level bulletin for the Great Lakes.

Monthly Water Level Bulletin.

St. Lawrence River Monthly Bulletin Published by Environment Canada and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Buffalo District.

Arctic Tidal Predictions

The Canadian Hydrographic Service operates a website providing Tidal Predictions at selected sites around the coasts of Canada.