Benchmark - 4-1984

Benchmark Number 4-1984
Established In 1984
Condition NOT_FOUND
Latitude 44.58
Longitude -64.05
Reference Benchmark No
Vertical Datum Code UNKNOWN
Description BM 4-1984 is a CHS bronze tablet stamped BM 4- 1984 set vertically in a large rock (Flat top) located NW of the Mill Cove Govt wharf. It is 14.5m SW from the center line of the gravel road, 18.2m (255 degrees magnetic) from the extreme N corner of a private home (Harbour View), and 17.7m (270 degrees magnetic) from the extreme W corner of the same home. Looks as though some construction may have covered it.
Date Elevation Status Vertical Datum Code
2004-04-08 4.806 HISTORICAL CD
2022-04-27 4.752 ACTIVE CD