Benchmark - 87F9095

Benchmark Number 87F9095
Established In 1987
Condition GOOD
Latitude 49.246
Longitude -55.054
Reference Benchmark Yes
Vertical Datum Code UNKNOWN
Description Set horizontally in the most S'ly corner of the foundation of Dalfen's Clothing Store. The building is situated between the Lewisport Post Office and an Irving gas station. It is located 0.6 m in an E direction along the back of the building from the corner; 0.5m above ground level; and 14.5m in a N'ly direction from the HWL. (Dalfen's Clothing store no longer exists.)
Date Elevation Status Vertical Datum Code
1984-01-01 3.795 HISTORICAL CD
2003-08-04 3.795 ACTIVE CD
1989-01-01 3.395 HISTORICAL CD