Benchmark - 68T9000

Benchmark Number FB 1-1968
Established In 1968
Condition GOOD
Latitude 63.727969
Longitude -68.528145
Reference Benchmark Yes
Vertical Datum Code UNKNOWN
Description A Water Survey of Canada bronze tablet stamped FB 1-1968, set vertically in bedrock on west shore of Koojesse Inlet. Located on north side of causeway, approximately 23 m from causeway road and 15 m east of BM Yellow Paint.

Note: Latitude and longitude to be used only for locating benchmark only; not for accurate horizontal positioning. Updated 2014 BM elevations based on WL transfer form on 2019-01-23.

Date Elevation Status Vertical Datum Code
2014-02-01 11.885 ACTIVE CD
1968-01-01 11.488 HISTORICAL CD