South Baymouth - 11190

Station Information

Code: 11190

Province: Ontario

Location: 45.559361, -82.008389

Type: Temporary

Operational: True

Owner: Canadian Hydrographic Service


Height of tide is the vertical distance between the surface of the sea and chart datum.

Heights - Relative to chart datum
ID Height(m) Date

Chart datum is the plane of vertical reference to which all charted depths and drying heights are related. More info

Datum Conversion
Vertical Datum Offset (m)
IGLD85 176

The information contained in this product is established under the CD datum. The CHS does not establish and maintain other vertical datums such as CGVD28, CGVD2013, IGLD (1955) and IGLD (1985). References to these datums represent the best available information, to be used with caution and sound judgment where required, but it is not intended to be used for navigation.

Benchmark Number Elevation (m) Unique Label Established Condition Latitude Longitude More Info
M13U9514 N/A M13U9514 2013 GOOD 45.558427 -82.009126 More Info
M13U9513 N/A M13U9513 2013 GOOD 46.559086 -82.008893 More Info
M13U9512 N/A M13U9512 2013 GOOD 45.559306 -82.009167 More Info